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Distinctly Different,
Uniquely Qualified.
Professional Wildlife Educators

D Magazine Named Critterman
"Best Children's Entertainer"

ZAA Accredited Facility

First education outreach organization in Texas to
meet these high standards.

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$2 Each to support our conservation efforts below.

Hall Family Conservation Fund

Lemur Conservation Foundation
Conservation Fund

World Parrot Trust

Black-Footed Ferret Recovery Program
Black-Footed Ferret Recovery Program


























































































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Children & Animals
are our Business...

Exceptional reputation
for safety & reliability.
Lively presentation with
outstanding educational merit.

Introducing CritterWoman
We are excited to have two
outstanding educators join our team.

Brenna is the only daughter
of Critterman aka David Keven.
She has grown up around animals her whole life.

Chelsea was a teacher before entering the animal field,
animals have always been her passion.

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Best of Big D

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Watch "Critterman"
Short Documentary
by David Goodman


Read how fan's of Critterman
helped protect
Lemurs in Madagascar

Critterman Won Both
D Magazine's
Editor's Choice
and Readers Poll for
"Best Children's Entertainer"

We Won!
Click Here to read 2013 Article
Click Here to read 2011 Article

Check out Critterman's
Animal/Safari Party Ideas


The Birthday Party Project

Learn how to support this
great organization that
provides birthday parties
to homeless children
in the DFW area.


State & Federally Licensed & Insured.
Serving Texas Communities Since 1990.

Appearance on Letterman
Civet & Cman on Letterman
African Civet w/Jack Hanna

Featured on Animal Planet's

The Most Extreme

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