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Co- Owner
David Kleven, aka Critterman

Since establishing Animal Edutainment, Inc. in 1990 with wife Sue, David has presented over 10,000 education outreach programs for over a million people.

His Critterman presentations won him the honor of being voted "Best Party Idea" by the Dallas Observer. D Magazine has named Animal Edutainment "Best Traveling Zoo" in  2003, and named Critterman "Best Children's Entertainer" in 2011. He believes that you have to touch the heart to reach the mind, something he practices in all of his programs.

In addition to his outreach program presentations, David is the current education chairperson for the Zoological Association of America. Animal Edutainment became the first and only education outreach organization to be accredited by the Zoological Association of America in 2014. Besides being responsible for developing educational programs for ZAA membership, he has also helped to raise thousands of dollars for conservation efforts.

Dave can be seen on various segments of The Most Extreme series which airs on Discovery Network's Animal Planet. He and several Animal Ambassadors have made numerous appearances at events on Discovery Network behalf. He has had the good fortune to work with Jack Hanna of Animal Adventures, Jeff Corwin of The Corwin Experience, Steve Irwin of The Crocodile Hunter, Jim Fowler & Peter Gros of Wild Kingdom, Chris & Martin Kratt of Kratt's Creatures, Zoboomofoo, & Be The Creature.

Read more here:  Critterman®

Professional Activities


Susan Kleven, aka Safari Sue

Susan graduated from Pearce High School in Richardson, TX. She attended UNT in Denton, prior to attending America's Teaching Zoo in Moorpark, CA. in 1988. While a student at UNT Susan worked part-time at Spring Creek Animal Clinic in Plano and at Estes Riding Stables in Denton. 

While attending America's Teaching Zoo Susan had the opportunity to gain experience at: Los Angeles Zoo, Santa Barbara Zoo, Monkey Jungle, Animal Actors of Hollywood, and Hexagon Farms Endangered Cat Breeding Facility

Since establishing Animal Edutainment, Inc. in 1990 with husband Dave, Susan has had the  opportunity to work with: Jack Hanna of Animal Adventures, Jeff Corwin of The Corwin Experience, Steve Irwin of The Crocodile Hunter, Jim Fowler & Peter Gros of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom,

Susan & husband Dave can be seen on various segments of The Most Extreme series which airs on Discovery Network's Animal Planet. Animal Edutainment was awarded "Best Traveling Zoo" in D Magazine's Best of Dallas Issue 2003.

Susan was the President of the Association of Professional Wildlife Educators (APWE), which merged with the Zoological Association of America, where she served as the education chair for nearly 4 years.

"Safari Sue" as she was sometimes known to DFW area families retired in 2004 when Susan was hired to be the Director of the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville, Texas.  Under her leadership, she has helped to transform the zoo into the amazing accredited facility it is today. Please visit the "Best Little Zoo in Texas!" You can learn more about prices, directions, activities, and special events at www.frankbuckzoo.com

Professional Activities


Professional Staff
Distinctly Different,

Uniquely Qualified.

Professional Memberships & Affiliations:
American Association of Zookeepers (AAZK)
Assoc. of Professional Wildlife Educators (APWE)
(Former President of Board. APWE merged with ZAA)
Animal Behavioral Mngmnt Alliance (ABMA)
American Zoo
& Aquarium Assoc. (AZA)
Informal Science Educators Assoc.(ISEA)
TX Assoc.of Environ
.Educators (TAEE)
TX Aquarium & Zoo Educators (TAZE)
TX EE Advisory Com. Endorsed Site
TX Environ. Education Partnership
TX Parent Teacher Assocation
Zoological Assoc. of America (ZAA)


Why Edutainment???

Animal Edutainment® Inc. is a private, not-for-profit, professional, wildlife education outreach organization, which develops and presents totally unique programs for youth. Our Safari Guides are in touch with their inner child allowing them to easily connect and engage an audience. Animal Edutainment Safari Guides employ a number of teaching strategies to reach audiences of all different learning abilities. Educator resource materials and professional development seminars are also available.

Animal Ambassadors spark interest in learning. Children have a natural curiosity about other living things. This curiosity naturally leads to the exploration of science concepts and extends to include social studies, language arts and other disciplines. Every child needs to be provided with the opportunity to experience and learn about wildlife in order to help them develop an understanding of, and a healthy respect for the world around them.

Founded in 1990 by America’s Teaching Zoo
graduates, David & Susan Kleven. Animal Edutainment’s animal care facility is home to over 50 non-releasable animals who were orphaned, injured, surplus, or cast-off by previous owners. These animals now act as ambassadors for their species.It is our belief that if an animal is capable of living in the wild that is where it belongs.

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Animal Edutainment's Mission

(1) Reach as many students, teachers, parents and the general public, as possible, with our unique brand of professional live wildlife education programs. To clear-up misconceptions about, and to foster a healthy respect of, and responsibility for all living creatures with which we share the planet.

(2) To safely provide the public with unique, professional, wildlife education experience. To clearly extend the message that  wild and or exotic animals are not "pets". Any animal that is capable of living in the wild, should live in the wild. And to share Why Zoos and Aqauriums Matter!
(3) To provide the best quality of life to all of the Animal Ambassadors in our care.   

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Animal Edutainment's Philosophy

Animal Edutainment® Inc. a.k.a. Critterman Safari Guides, is a private not-for-profit wildlife education organization of college-trained, professional, wildlife handlers and educators. Not affiliated with, or to be confused with any other animal acts or programs in the state of Texas.

Animal Edutainment's primary concern as professional outreach educators that work with live Animal Ambassadors, is safety. For that reason, we choose not to include certain animal species in our programs. Species such as: big cats, large hoofstock, and apes (chimpanzees & orangutans). We employ experienced, professional animal handlers knowledgeable about the species with which we work.
Animal Edutainment strongly cautions anyone considering inviting an individual or group with animals (particularly big cats, primates, or large hoofstock) to their school, organization, home or event , check their permit status at www.aphis.usda.gov/ac or direct inquiries to ace@usda.gov Please also require a copy of the company's valid liability insurance. Remember just because the service is available, doesn't guarantee it is safe or even legal. Safety is Animal Edutainment's number one priority for our clientele. Please make it your as well.

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Do you visit my area?

If your facility is outside the DFW region, please call for travel fees.
Call 940-365-9741 to schedule.

Animal Edutainment® Inc. primarily serves the North Central Texas area.  If your organization is located within a one hour drive of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex there is no additional travel fee. If you are beyond this area, or out of state please call 940-365-9741 or email critterman@animaled.com to inquire about travel.

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