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Safari Sue & "Jungle" Jack Hanna
Sea World Texas opening 2000.

Safari Sue & Peter Gros of
Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom

"This organization is dedicated to the preservation of our earth’s wildlife, and by teaching young people about our valuable resources, they hope to make the planet a better place to live.

It’s organizations like Animal Edutainment who will provide the education for future generations. I highly recommend them for a program or presentation for your group."
Jack Hanna

"In working with Animal Edutainment I have been impressed both by their professionalism and their unwavering attention to safety. I am familiar with America's Teaching Zoo, the college program, from which their staff graduated, and where they received extensive training in the safe and proper handling and presentation of exotic animal species. They are uniquely qualified to do so.

Professional wildlife education outreach organizations such as Animal Edutainment provide important services to the communities that they serve. Live animals act as ambassadors for their species, fostering the public's curiosity about, respect of, and responsibility for, the animals with which we share our backyards and the planet."
Peter Gros

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