Critterman® Safari Guides™ 45 mins.

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Just the right size for grade levels!
Hands-on opportunities for small
groups. Perfect for young
children & special-needs

Features these Amazing Animal Ambassadors:

    Hissing Cockroach
Legless Lizard     Native Kingsnake     Rose Hair Tarantula
Land Tortoise
    10 foot Burmese Python

Check out these other themes as well:
Texas Tails    Extra Furry

This classroom or small group presentation is a great way to either kick-off or wrap-up animal study units (particularly "bug" & reptile units). Let us know what your emphasis is. If your study unit centers around mammals, ask us about our Extra Furry option, for  Texas natives request our Texas Tails.

A hands-on approach is a great way to reach kids with different learning abilities.  For the hands-on show, we recommend keeping the group under 25 students for optimum participation.  The smaller the group, the more hands-on opportunities. 

# of programs Amount *Discount for back-to-back*
1 program $325.00 N/A
2 programs


3 programs


4 programs


day rate


*Discount rates apply to programs presented back-to-back, same day, same location.

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