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"The kids were totally mesmerized with your presentation. We know that holding the attention of a group of kids this age is no simple feat, and you did it with style! Out of curiosity, I asked some of the children questions about your animals a week later to see what they would remember and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were able to recall a great deal. 

Whit & Sherry Dieterich
We have programs  that can highlight special unit studies, or can just be a fun educational program that we bring to your facility.  Our programs are presented in a fun, educational, show-and-tell format.  We use stories, skits, and plenty of audience participation.  There is "hands-on" opportunities (with approved animals) that engage young children.

All of our programs meet new daycare standards.  We have adjusted our programs so that any hands-on opportunities are only with approved animals.  The State of Texas has said that we can still present reptiles, they just ask that we do not allow touching in daycares.

We recommend splitting the hour up to accommodate very young children (3 & under) separately,  as toddlers generally do not have the same attention span as preschoolers. If you have a large group to accommodate we will pro-rate programs so you can receive an additional 1/2 hour, if needed.

Although all of our Animal Ambassadors are healthy, we ask that your staff have the children wash their hands, hand out antibacterial hand wipes, or dispense antibacterial hand gel following the program to reinforce the idea that everyone should wash their hands after they touch any animal (including family pets!).

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Safari Guide Original  

The one that started it all..


Squirm Factor

Our Most Popular.  Things that make you go ewwwww.


Extra Furry

Furry, no snakes.


Texas Tails

Native neighbors.


Junior Safaris

(Harry Potter, Rainforest, Africa, Texas, &  themes.)


Ultimate Safaris

(Rainforest, Africa, Texas, & Creepy Critter themes.)


I would like to thank you for such a great show.  My children and I have seen you twice at the Wylie library and really enjoyed it.  It is hard to entertain toddlers but you really have a knack.  You held the attention of my three and a half and one and a half kids for the entire show. Thanks again for your creative way of teaching children (and adults) about animals.
                                                                                                      Sincerely, Michelle Butler

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