Animals in Flight

Celebrate: The 100th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers First Flight!

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Blue & Gold Macaw    Barn Owl    Sugar Glider
African Gray Congo
Chilean Tarantula    Turkey Vulture

Animals play an integral role in cultures the world over. Our unique live Animal Ambassador programs bring many different study units to life!
We have created a special program in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Wright Brothers first flight.  Meet some of the amazing animals
that have inspired humans to take to the air, and try and mimic nature.

*Animal Edutainment reserves the right to make substitutions as deemed necessary.

# of programs Amount *Discount for back-to-back*
1 program $515.00 N/A
2 programs


3 programs


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*Discount rates apply to programs presented back-to-back, same day, same location.*

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