Animal Edutainment Helpful Hints For Parties

Suggestions from Animal Edutainment's veteran Safari Guides to help
make your party a "positively wild" success that will have people talking!

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Less is more.
10-15 children in a party setting is ideal. It allows for a more intimate, therefore, more interactive & enjoyable party for guests.

Plan that everyone you invite will attend.
You may be surprised how many guest attend when they learn our Safari Guides will be in attendance!
Timing is important.
The time stated in the contract is the time the Safari Guide will start. Our Safari Guides perform at several parties a day, they must stay on time.

Have your payment ready.
You won’t have to stop cutting cake or taking pictures to settle the bill. Balance may be paid by Check or Cash upon arrival, or Visa/ MasterCard at time of booking.

Seating arrangement.
Let kids know in advance that they are to stay seated, that the Safari Guide will come to them. Since we offer hands-on programs, a single straight row, or two for bigger parties, with kids sitting on the floor is the best  seating arrangement. Allow for approx. 6 feet open space in front of kids.

Save munchies for after the program.
It is fine to feed kids prior to the program, but please do not set out munchies for kids to snack on during the performance. We prefer not to mix animals and food.

Hand out Anti-Bacterial hand wipes (Wet Ones etc.) at conclusion of program.
Our program is educational, so we want to reinforce the message that hands should be washed, after touching ANY animal, even your own pets

Pool parties & other activities.
If other activities are going on, expect that young party guests may wander off to a bounce house or the like, only to return when a new animal is presented.

For those parents who attend, PLEASE have an  area away from the program,
for adults to socialize, so the Safari Guide will not have to strain to be heard.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do Safari Guides accept gratuity?
Yes. Not expected, but it is appreciated.

How much do people usually tip?
Average tip received is between $40-60.

Can we choose different animals?
The packages are designed as they are
in order to not mix predator & prey species.
It is a safety protocol for our Safari Guides.

Do the kids get to hold the animals?
Our top priority is safety. A python's tail may be draped over the shoulder. For the safety of both animals and children, Safari Guides DO NOT relinquish control of the Animal Ambassadors, in order to avoid accidental scratches and nips.

Why not apes & big cat for parties?
Safety, safety, safety. We are wildlife professionals not willing to accept the liability these animals pose in close proximity to kids. Are you?!?

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