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People go out of their way to discover more about the
amazing creatures with which we share the planet.

Let us bring our magnificent Animal Ambassadors to your next event!

Critterman at Northpark Mall

We have programs  that can highlight special unit studies, or can just be a fun educational program that we bring to your facility.  Our programs are presented in a fun, educational, show-and-tell format.  We use stories, skits, and plenty of audience participation to teach our audiences in a fun way!




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Please Note if you would specifically like Critterman as your Safari Guide,
Plan ahead, Book Early, and Request him at time of Booking.

Featured Programs

Safari Guide Programs

Safari Guide Original  

The one that started it all..


Squirm Factor

Our Most Popular.  Things that make you go ewwwww.


Extra Furry

Furry, no snakes.


Texas Tails

Native neighbors.


To Go Even Wilder - Junior Safari and Ultimate Programs

Junior Safaris

(Harry Potter, Rainforest, Africa, Texas, &  themes.)


Ultimate Safaris

(Rainforest, Africa, Texas, & Creepy Critter themes.)



Price Breaks for Multiple Programs.

Click here for Safari Guide themes

1 program $325.00 N/A
2 programs


3 programs


4 programs


day rate


Click here for Junior Safari themes
1 program $420.00 N/A
2 programs


3 programs


Day rate


Click here for Ultimate Safari themes
1 program $515.00 N/A
2 programs


3 programs


Day rate



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