Helpful Hints for Evening PTA Meetings
From Animal Edutainment

Double check the date you are looking at to schedule a program. Is it right before a holiday weekend or break when people might be leaving town early? Are there other events going on that may affect attendance?

Publicize! Animals are people magnets. You’ll be amazed at the turn-out if parents are well informed of the upcoming program. Some of the ways you can let parents know that the program is family entertainment they won’t want to miss is to; send flyers home with students, post announcement on marquee outside school, and decorate the halls with posters. We have had several people enlarge the animal fact sheets (included in our resource packets) and post them around the school to remind students and parents. We will also include a press release for you to notify local media of the program.

Boost attendance and enthusiasm for fundraising! Many PTAs use our programs to boost attendance and increase interest. To entertain and showcase the kinds of unique, quality programs that can be brought to the school as a result of successful fundraising campaigns. Some PTAs use our program as a fund-raiser by promoting the program as a "Family Night" event and charging a nominal fee of one or two dollars at the door and selling refreshments. Still others have found a business in their community to sponsor a program for the school. There are all sorts of possibilities!

Set-up: Our staff will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the program. Ideal scenario is to present the program from a stage (this provides a natural cushion between audience and animal participants).


____ Arrange to have stage doors unlocked so that we have access to a backstage area where the animal crates may be set-up. An empty room close to the presentation area will also work as long as there will be no traffic permitted in between the two while we set-up and perform.

____ Arrange to have the PA system set-up and ready to go.

____ Arrange to have a standard classroom size table available in presentation area.

____ Plan to have an aisle down the middle of the audience so we can be sure everyone gets a good look at the animals. You may wish to mark the aisles with tape or cones.

____ Plan to have children sit with their parents as opposed to on the floor, in front. This policy is intended for every ones comfort, safety and enjoyment. When children sit on the floor in front, they tend to move around much more and block the aisles making it tricky for Safari Guides and animals to get around.

____ At the conclusion of the program, one our Safari Guides will bring an animal back out, for those audience members who would like to experience a little hands-on opportunity.

Thank you for you cooperation. We promise our positively wild programs will have people talking!