Animal Edutainment - Animal Ambassador Programs

Whether you are a City PARD, YMCA, YWCA, Athletic Club, Country Club or other
Recreation Facility...Planning a special event, after school, spring break
or summer camp activities...We've got a variety of Positvely Wild
programs to keep your young charges captivated.

"We have had you all out numerous times for our youth and teen programs. Our participants always enjoy your shows, as do the staff. Your wide variety of presentations and your flexibility to coordinate to our specific needs have been second to none. The staff is very knowledgeable and "kid friendly". This is a terrific organization.  We always look forward to your next show. We will see you soon! Thanks again!" 
                                                                                    Maria Dunigan,City of Farmers Branch

Check out all of our Program Themes & Prices!

Safari Guide Original  

The one that started it all..


Squirm Factor

Our Most Popular.  Things that make you go ewwwww.


Extra Furry

Furry, no snakes.


Texas Tails

Native neighbors.


Junior Safaris

(Harry Potter, Rainforest, Africa, Texas, &  themes.)


Ultimate Safaris

(Rainforest, Africa, Texas, & Creepy Critter themes.)


"I wanted to thank everyone at Animal Edutainment for participating in our Special Events. You are all fun to work with and have a professional presentation. Great job and thank you again."                                                             
Randy Rogers, Recreation Manager
"Thanks for a great show!  Both Susan and Eric are obviously professionals who enjoy their job; we appreciated the way they brought the message to the audience.  Thanks again for coming such as long way!"                       
Eric Finkelstein, Amistad National Recreation Area
Hello!  We have seen you thru Parks and Rec and you were recommended by several people!  I have two kids. They would LOVE to have you come for their birthday party!       
Kris Tottori

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