Special Needs

Each child is an individual who learns and perceives their surroundings in many different ways. All children benefit from the variety of methods that we use to help them explore the amazing world of animals. They thrive and blossom in the intimate "hands-on" environment we provide.

Animal Ambassadors are non-threatening and non-judgmental, providing a safe environment for children to open up and let their natural curiosity take over. Special needs groups are some of our most appreciative audiences and ardent fans.

We have experience tailoring programs for groups with a variety of different needs including: ADD, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Hearing Impairment, Mentally Challenged, and Visual Impairment. 

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Safari Guide Original  

The one that started it all..


Squirm Factor

Our Most Popular.  Things that make you go ewwwww.


Extra Furry

Furry, no snakes.


Texas Tails

Native neighbors.


Junior Safaris

(Harry Potter, Rainforest, Africa, Texas, &  themes.)


Ultimate Safaris

(Rainforest, Africa, Texas, & Creepy Critter themes.)


Dear Critterman,
Hey, this is kristen gambill, remember me I live on lake worth & you came to my b-day party & I am in the wheelchair & I know jack hanna. Remember how I was afraid to have freckles around my neck? Well guess what?  I volunteer at the Fort worth nature center now & we have two snakes that we take out in classes & they slide all over me.  I"M CURED!  Well you and mrs critterman will have to come visit me there.                                     

Kristen Gambill
The Christmas party was a lot of fun this year. The animal show presented by Critterman was a great hit with the children as well as the adults!
North Texas Downs Syndrome Family & Friends Assoc.

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