"Squirm Factor" 45 mins.

Meet and learn about animals
from around the world
that can make you squirm!

We teach that these animals look the way to survive,
not to scare anyone.

Squirm Factor  $325

Hissing Cockroach    Kingsnake
Tarantula    Emperor Scorpion     Legless Lizard

American Alligator     Burmese Python

 Substitute A Giant 28" Swampy for the Birthday Child for an additional $50
Every birthday child receives a small (3.5" to 6") Stuffed or beanie animal.

Here's how it works...an appropriately
clad Safari Guide arrives with critter cart
in tow. Introductions are made,
& the fun begins!


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hhog.jpg (18443 bytes)

The Animal Ambassadors are introduced, one at a time, in a humorous manner that kid's find hard to resist. For groups of
20 or less, the Safari Guide
instructs how and where the
animals may be touched.

For children under 3, we suggest a more flexible, open format, that
allows little ones & adults to share the experience.

This classroom or small group presentation is a great way to either kick-off or
wrap-up animal study units. Let us know what your emphasis is. If your study
unit centers around mammals ask us about our Extra Furry
option, reptiles & insects check out our Original.

*Discount rates apply to programs presented back-to-back, same day, same location. Inquire about discounts that are available when teaming up with others organizations in your area.